Find clarity with your calling. Create your authentic life, from the inside out.

Establish connection and build your sense of community.

Bright Star Woman is an energy worker, yoga teacher, retreat and workshop leader who teaches the importance of cultivating spirituality as a corner stone to conscious, mindful living.

She helps spiritual seekers find clarity with their calling, and take aligned action steps through the support of energy work and yoga.

Bright Star Woman guides spiritual seekers in their transition to living in alignment so they fulfill their purpose with ease.

She guides her clients to explore their beliefs and agreements, shift their energy, and uncover their power and manifesting abilities.


Shine your light, create a meaningful life, attract your tribe.

Bright Star Woman helps her clients reconcile their energy bodies and uncover their light, to create meaningful lives through greater awareness, overall health, and intentional choices. Through a great alignment, we create harmony, and attract a community of like-minded, like-hearted people.

You’re HERE because you’re looking for purpose.

  • Are you awakening to your spiritual self?
  • Have you been seeking meaning in your life?
  • Perhaps you’ve been wondering… is that it? Is that my life?
  • The big paycheck no longer silences the voices in your head shouting “get out of this job!”?
  • Or is your career driving you to live beyond your means (and needs) to soothe your aching soul?
  • Are you surrounded with nay sayers, or looking for more encouragers?
  • Is your health suffering because you’re out of balance and have a mal de vivre?
  • Do you feel anxious about your future or frequently feel overwhelmed?
  • You’re sick of feeling “stuck”
  • You want to take responsibility for your life and happiness

I get it. Oh, honey, I do… I went through it.

We all want to live happily ever after. And then life throws us curve balls, and speed bumps, and avalanches, and we wonder…

  • How do I create my happiness?
  • How do I draw abundance in my life?
  • How do I walk a path that feels true to me?
  • How do I attract the right people to support me?

The answer isn’t more, it’s less. It’s less about doing, but rather about  being. It’s most definitely not about becoming, but rather unbecoming…

So who are you?

When we struggle with money or health issues, or we muddle through difficult relationships, we’re faced with an incredible opportunity to get to know ourselves.

And we’re given the perfect storm to shed many beliefs and habits that no longer serve us.

We do this by shifting our energy.

As we shift and raise our vibration, we start to unbecome who we aren’t, we remove obstacles to our light and our path becomes clear. The steps we take feel right. Things fall into place, as we move with confidence.

That’s what I did. You can do it too.

Mercedes is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga AllianceMercedes is an Usui & Blue Star reiki master, and a registered Hatha yoga and meditation teacher who believes that cultivating your spirituality and seeing yourself for who you are – a being of light – will inevitably change your life. Mercedes used to be bound to an office, but she faced her fears, ditched her desk, and unbecame who she really is. Mercedes is now immersed in holistic living, growing her own business and inspiring others to follow their authentic paths.


Follow her journey on the blog, schedule a reiki session, a yoga consultation, get a reading, or join a  Rite of the Womb circle, or offer yourself a well-deserved retreat!