Apothic♥eur – Plant Medicines offers meditation sprays, body oils and infusions. All our products are hand crafted with loving intention and infused with reiki energy.

Browse below to find the right mood (spray) and the right energy (oil) for you! Invoke your own power whether you invite it though breath, wear or drink.

Meditation Sprays

Whether you meditate regularly or are new to the practice,  Apothic♥eur ‘s  meditation sprays are sure to set the right mood to get you in the zone. These sprays can also be used for yoga, energy work, space clearing/intention setting, and just because they smell nice!

Available on custom order, in 30ml and 100ml spray bottles!

***WE ARE LIVE!!!***
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Body Oils – Coming Soon!

Ditch the toxin-filled lotions and potions, and make your own magic by using Apothic♥eur oils directly or mixing them with your favourite natural lotion.  Invoke the Goddess within.

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Also want to buy oils you can mix yourself in a carrier oil and discover new scents? Great! Click here.

Infusions – Coming Soon!

If you love your cup’o herbal tea, then Apothic♥eur Infusions will warm your heart. We make the mix,  wrap in love, just add hot water and enjoy.

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