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What It Means To Be Called A “Fat Yoga Teacher”

I couldn’t believe what my student was telling me…

“Wow, that was a fun and challenging class. I  mean, clearly, you’re strong but you’re still a chubby teacher.”

Excuse me?

How is this relevant to your experience as a student or as to my abilities as a teacher?

After I got over the initial upset of someone commenting at all on my body, and after I dealt with why I was feeling so triggered, it highlighted a few things that bothered me even more than being called “fat”…

Why We Struggle and How To Win

Take a quick assessment of your life situation.

  • Have you been struggling with starting a business?
  • Have your relationships felt strained?
  • Have your finances suffered?

Difficult situations are teachable moments, where we have the potential to grow and experience great shifts.

To find the blessing in a difficult interaction, ask yourself what it’s mirroring.

When I was in jobs where I’d was being micromanaged, undermined and criticized on a regular basis, I was even put through an intensive 8-week ‘improvement plan’. My strengths were misunderstood and my managers had no idea how to inspire and empower.

When I decided to bring awareness to the lesson/blessing, I realized that this situation was a mirror back to me; I was being too hard on myself, expecting perfection, out of a lack of self-compassion, so I attracted insecure micromanagers.

From this place of awareness, I was able to shift my energy into self-worth and self-compassion. And in a matter of weeks, my supervisors’ and coworkers’ demeanor and behavior changed to reflect my new reality.

Look for the lesson; what is your craptastic situation mirroring to you?

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