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How to Manifest – In 6 EASY Steps

How does manifesting work?

Manifestation is the process of converting a thought to physical reality.

It sounds like magic, right?

But it’s physics. It’s all of evolution!

Anything that exists in our physical world has been imagined and created by people before and around us.

What I’m saying is that we’re all manifestors!

The secret is learning how to do it consciously and mindfully.

Here are the fool-proof steps to manifest anything.

  • Intention
  • Visualization
  • Feeling/vibration matching
  • Driven action
  • Letting go of the “how”
  • Receiving/acceptance

If you follow these steps, you will manifest. If what manifests is not what you had intended, then reexamine each step.

Happy manifesting!


How Energy Work Can Support a Breakthrough

When I was desperate to leave my 9-to-5 job, and fighting to overcome burnout, depression and hypothyroidism, I sought experts to help me.

I could see I was in over my head and needed a light to show me out of my rut.

I saw a therapist. I saw my doctor. I saw a naturopath. I went to yoga. I touched based with a life coach. I had a business mentor and I paid for business coaching.


I failed in business, several times, and I was still sick and overweight.


Talk therapy acts on the mind level, and medicine + body work (ie massage therapy) act on the physical level.

Business coaching often focuses on strategy only, which gives tunnel vision.

These experts didn’t look at the whole picture!

Nothing in there weighed in my heart, my soul, my complex personality…


My life coach, who also had a background in energy work, got me to explore my relationship to reiki and my indigenous heritage.


That’s when things started coming together, clicking, shifting. I got traction. I really began healing and seeing my life + business clearly.

I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves through our minds and lifestyle choices.

And energy workers approach a person as a whole powerful being, witnessing, guiding, probing, so that they can heal themselves through awareness, holistic living and energetic support. Reiki will work even if there’s no conversation between the practitioner and the client. But it’s even more powerful when the client becomes active in their own healing.

Mind, Body and Soul need to align to create significant, lasting change.

Energy work cultivates holism, which in turn promotes health, abundance and success.

Have you tried energy work in your life + business?

PS: Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art, and the beauty of it is that it’s not limited by space or time. I’m happy to offer distance reiki, and if this resonates with you, you can book your session with me here:

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