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Time to Embrace a New Lifestyle?

It’s 9:03 pm on a Wednesday, and you’re at the office.

Your honey texts you:

‘When will you be home?’

You feel a pinch in your chest. You wish you could just go home. But this big project is key to getting that next promotion, months away.

If you don’t get it, that’s it, you’re leaving.

You’ve been in this job 6 years and your review is coming up.

But as you head home, knowing your honey’s already fast asleep and that you’ll be living your own Groundhog Day again tomorrow, you can’t help but wonder if it could be different…

And you immediately think, ‘no, I can’t.’

You’re scared of…

…missing out on the promotion.

…not being able to pay your student loan or your bills.

…losing your ‘investment’ in this current career.

…screwing up and crawling back to the corporate world.

Here’s the truth about corporate careers.

There are too few promotions to go around.

There certainly isn’t enough to reward smart, hard-working people like you when you deserve it.

With that carrot, it’s all dangle and no catch.

The corporate world just isn’t built for recognition and rewards.


How do you justify the money you’ve spent studying and the time you spent working in that field?

You start to notice what you’ve gained from it, because nothing is ever lost.

In fact, money is energy.

Think of it this way, the money has been spent, and the energy it carried and still carries, depends on how you relate to that investment.

What will it be:

A-the crushing weight of regret?


B-the elating empowerment of gratitude?

Here’s a tip…

Gratitude will help you see and feel how your past money + career choices have helped you, and continue to help you on your path. Even if it is a wilder one, like the entrepreneur lifestyle.

Now, how will you spend the next few years of your life?

How to Empower Yourself Through Change

‘I want change, but I don’t want it to hurt.’

Most people want change to be painless, smooth and overall without too many ruffled feathers.

But growing pains are called that way for a reason.

Understand this though… it’s not necessary to suffer, that’s a state of mind.

But struggle can be a rite of passage because big change starts from the inside out.

And chances are, you’ve been living from a passive “happening to me” mode to an active “life is happening for me”.


How do you empower yourself to welcome change?

Ask yourself:

“What am I willing to tolerate, temporarily, to enable this transformation / scenario / solution that I want to experience?”

Make a list of the ‘discomforts’ or ‘sacrifices’ you’re ready to make, with a big title that says:

(or whatever your desired outcome is)

I am willing to…
I am doing…
I trade this (comfort) for this (benefit)…

And without imposing a deadline on your success, allow yourself a revision period for the sacrifices you’re making to see if they still suit you in 3 months. This approach enables you to be empowered in any life transition.

How do you face change?

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