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Life Happens FOR You, Not TO You

The day I had my breakdown, I had no idea the journey ahead would lead me to this.

I was 26 and my doc told me I was having a burnout.

A few months later, I started being really sick, even though I’d gone back to another job by then.

For years, I struggled with hypothyroidism. And I had no clue what was happening to me for the first few years…

To top things off, I discovered I had several food sensitivities and adrenal fatigue.

I was gaining weight rapidly despite my active lifestyle – I was on a competitive swing dancing team at the time.

Around the same time, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I was having family issues and boundary pushing that weighed me down and all these events were only making the depression symptoms worse.

I Was Breaking

My body was slowly shutting down, telling me it had had enough of this lifestyle and the stress I was putting it through.

Things had to change and I knew I needed to be the one to make it happen.

I thought the solution was to become the shot-caller in my life.

And the first step was quitting my office job…

The Journey To Recovery

Over the next 3 years, I went through trial and error, trying to succeed as a freelancer and trying my hand at network marketing, never quite making it. My weight fluctuated drastically. I didn’t leave my job right away either. I went on a journey inside myself.

My mother recovered and my family relationships mended, in time.

But there were no spectacular transformations or bold decisions.

During that time, my health only improved slightly, as I adapted to a new way of eating and took regular medication for my thyroid.

Then, in the fall of 2015, I decided, despite my fruitless attempts in business, to leave my office job to work from home in a consulting capacity, while I worked out my longer-term goals. I decided I was worth a life free of intense stress.

I was worth the power and the freedom of choice.

By April 2016, my weight had stabilized and I had even lost 10 pounds gradually. I was regularly going to yoga, a practice I hadn’t allowed myself time to have. I’d pursued my reiki business part-time and finally completed my yoga training – a goal I’d delayed for years. And I came up with a new biz format.

And best of all?

My thyroid is now back to normal and I’m now off medication!

The FREEDOM I enjoy now, the POWER I feel from recovering my HEALTH, and the certainty I feel in my gut that I’m on the right path… it was worth the risks I took leaving and following my intuition.

I was a square peg, trying to fit in a round hole for years, and it’d made me sick. But now, I’m stronger than ever.

I’m proof that making alternative life choices from your deep inner-knowing not only helped me in overcoming challenges, but is actually more rewarding than we can even imagine…

What decisions will you make for yourself ?

Why ‘Bright Star Woman’?

People often ask me why in some circles, namely when I do energy work, I go by ‘Bright Star Woman’ as an alternative to Mercedes.

The short answer it’s my Cree spirit name.

The long answer only comes if I’m asked to elaborate and if it feels like a safe environment to share.

I’m from mixed indigenous ancestry, namely, of Cree descent. But I didn’t grow up with my culture. It was lost between my grandfather and I, because of historical circumstances and misguided beliefs. I thought for years that I’d have to trace my lineage exactly in order to truly feel like I belonged.

But in my mid-twenties, the call of my spirit was too strong. I had to go explore my heritage.

I’m grateful I did, because it’s opened my heart and my eyes, to parts of me I’d kept hidden.

When I was 27, I received my spirit name from a Cree Elder I love dearly, though I didn’t know him well then. He kindly explained to me that spirit names are deeply personal, especially now that the White Man rules and gave us all legal names. Spirit names used to be all there was. They were given to a child by an older family member who’d commune with the spirits and understand the child’s soul. The spirit name became a guiding light for that person; it reminded them of their true nature and of their potential in this life. Words are powerful, and names are to be honoured. Now, spirit names are used in a person’s spiritual practice and in ceremony, where it will be respected, as the person will, for who they are.

This is also a tradition in yoga; to receive a name from your Guru. I asked to be given a yogic spirit name as well, and when I received it, to my surprise, it aligned with my Cree spirit name in meaning.

I felt a renewed sense of purpose.

I’m grateful for the ceremony that reintroduced me to my Self.

Spirit names WIDE

What’s your view of spirit names and would you find it helpful on your journey?

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