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Lemons - Essential OilEssentials oils are quickly becoming a staple of holistic health and of many families’ wellness regime. They are part of a greater movement of health empowerment, awareness, DIY self-care and toxin detox.

Essential Oils are great because you can use them in 3 ways:

  • on your skin (topically)

  • in the air (aromatically)

  • by ingesting them (internally)

I’ve been using oils since I was a teenager. I sort of knew, there was some kind of magic there…

I’d rub mint on my temples to banish a headache, drop lavender on my pillowcase for a restful sleep, and add tea tree in my face cream to support clear skin. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was already using plant medicine!

When I realized the benefits of using essential oils for my own health and how empowered I felt, I started researching ways I could use oils in my personal care, in my home cleaning products (as substitutes) and eventually, in my cooking. So now, I teach about using essential oils. I teach a monthly Essential Oils 101 class – the first one is free, and all more specialized classes are available at a small fee, or free for my doTERRA clients.

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Herbs - Essential Oils

Perhaps you’re already familiar with these few classics? You may already want to have some on hand… To grab a few, click here.

Eventually, I grew up and went to play at adulting in a “job” for a decade.

I eventually felt called back to my roots and became the Yoga teacher and Reiki Master Teacher that launched BrightStarWoman.com.

Through my practice, I’ve integrated once again my passion for plant medicine by using aromatherapy in my yoga classes, with my one on one reiki clients, and for my various meditation and women’s circles. The oils have been a HUGE hit. Clients tell me they enhance their experience.

So I began sharing the benefits of essential oils with my clients, friends and family. In fact, if you’d like to start using oils, or get more familiar with them, you can check out my doTerra Wellness Advocate page. If you’re already keen, perhaps discounts sound even better to you. Here’s how to get pure essential oils at wholesale customer prices.

If you’ve been using essential oils for a while, perhaps you’ve noticed that oils have not all been created equal. This is why you are now looking for the purest, safest essential oils for your home and personal care.

I personally use and love doTerra oils, as they are potent, pure and if they are safe to eat in nature (i.e. lemon, peppermint, oregano) then its oil is safe to ingest.

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Disclaimer: As we are not responsible for your health and well-being, we recommend you consult your health care provider before starting any exercise or diet regiment. Namaste.