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Woman in Seated MeditationBright Star Woman combines Eastern and Indigenous Western wisdom to offer a contemporary approach to meditation that serves the new and the experienced meditator.

Bright Star Woman has been guiding her reiki clients, yoga students, circle and workshop participants in developing the art and science of meditation practice. Since distant work has grown in popularity, putting some meditations online made sense.

Meditation has only just started to be recognized as an effective wellness practice for physical and mental health, though it is increasingly clearer that is has tremendous emotional and spiritual benefits too. Bright Star Woman sees meditation as a grounding practice that brings peace to the soul in this human experience.

Journeys have long since been a part of indigenous spirituality and personal development. It was and remains, one of the most effective ways to tap into your own deep rooted wisdom, as well as guidance from your ancestors, and spirit guides and helpers. Bright Star Woman sees journeys as a way to access answers you have within yourself to solve an issue and create harmony into your life. Journeying brings healing to the soul in the human experience.

A practice of both meditation and journeys is rich as it provides physical, mental and emotional benefits. A combined practice is akin to the spiritual equivalent of a Master Key that helps one develop spiritual health, intuitive ability, mental clarity, self-awareness and trust in the Universe / Great Spirit / God / Goddess / Oneness. These skills are cornerstones of a purposeful, meaningful life where one creates happiness daily.

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