This Isn’t Just Essential Oils, It’s About Becoming Part of a Community

When you enrol with me or any of the Wellness Advocates on my team, you become part of our Luminous Living Community. We are a family of change-makers that are here to support you along your journey with dōTERRA essential oils.

What you get:

  • My favourite diffusing blend recipes
  • 60-minute 1-on-1 welcome + membership overview call
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Access to our fb community

Begin Where You Are…

To get started with dōTERRA Essential Oils, the best option is to enrol in a membership. Think Costco. For $35USD / $42CAD you will receive 25% off all of products.

There is NO pressure to sell or to buy monthly, but that is an option for anyone who wants to build a collection and get free products or build a business with dōTERRA.

If you want to build a business, find out more about that here or ask me about it!

A great way to get started with doTERRA is through enrolment kits. These kits include your wholesale membership and save you $.

Check out all of the great kits here!

How to Get Started

Step 1

Click here to go to my website. (Open a second tab so you can keep reading these instructions 🙂 )

Step 2

Click Join & Save at the top of the screen. Scroll to the bottom and click Join dōTERRA.

Step 3

Choose the country of residence. If you are Canadian then you have the option to have your products shipped from Canada or US.

The main difference is that the Canadian product list doesn’t (yet) include all of the products. If there is something that you want from the US catalogue then you can switch back and forth once your membership is set up.

If ordering from the US, the prices are in USD and customs + taxes are taken care of. If ordering from Canada, you will be charged tax depending on your province of residence.

If ordering from Canada, select OTG. Enrollment is $42.

If ordering from the US, select NFR. Enrollment is $35.

Step 4

Choose Wholesale Customer (unless you want to build a business or share oils with friends + family, then choose Wellness Advocate.  Both options are the same price, but if you want to build a business then I will teach you the business and mentor you!)

Enroller + Sponsor ID should be already filled in, but if it isn’t then type 4336762

Step 5

Fill in your personal information.

Step 6

Choose your kit + add any additional oils that you want to purchase on your first order. My absolute favourite kit is The Home Essentials kit. You get a diffuser to start using your oils aromatically right away and comes with my top 10 favourite oils (including Frankincense).


If you aren’t purchasing a kit then choose Intro Packet ($35 US or $42 CAD) and add items that you want.

Don’t forget to “view totals” and choose the shipping method that works best for you.

Step 7

Complete your shipping + payment options and click process order now to continue.

Step 8


Count down the days until that little purple box lands on your doorstep. In the meantime, let’s set up some time to review your membership and to make sure that you know how to use your oils. Set up time with me here.

Join the Bright Star Woman Essential Oil Tribe HERE and get a free 35-min primer class on essential oils to get you started!

How to Earn Free Products with dōTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program


When you become a member with dōTERRA, you have the opportunity to opt in to their incredible Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). It is one of the BEST ways for you to get your products every month and save money.

The way this program works is when you place an order every month, you will earn 10 – 30% of your purchase back for future purchases.*

Now you don’t have to run to the grocery store to get your vitamins, cleaner, laundry soap, or beauty products AND you will get 10 – 30% back in points for ordering them from dōTERRA.

The other incredible bonus they offer us is the Product of the Month. Each month they give away a product to everyone who is on LRP and places their order on or by the 15th of the month!
*Order must have a total of 50PV to earn points. A min of 1PV is required every month to stay in the program and at the level of rewards earned.

LRP Example: Health + Wellness
  • Life Long Vitality + Terrazyme +PB Assist
  • On Guard Toothpaste
  • Smart (Slim) + Sassy Oil
  • Wild Orange

Total PV: 128.35

LRP Example: Balanced + Serene
LRP Example: Emotional Wellness

Some of my Favourite Products


  • Grapefruit
  • Passion (roll on)
  • Past Tense
  • Wild Orange
  • Lavender
  • Whisper (Women’s Blend)
  • Ylang Ylang
  • On Guard
  • EasyAir


  • Vanilla Trim Shake (also chocolate, orange, and V shake… I like them all!)
  • Verage Facial System
  • Shampoo + Conditioner
  • On Guard Toothpaste (fluoride free!)
  • On Guard Cleaner Concentrate (cleans your house + yoga mat!)
  • On Guard Hand Wash
  • Serenity Sleep Complex