There are 3 ways you can do online yoga with Mercedes, of Bright Star Woman.

Read on to see which approach is the best fit!

Or, book a consultation to discuss your needs and decide on the best service for your practice at this time.

Online Classes – Coming soon!

With these public classes, you can get familiar with my teaching style, learn poses and sequences, as well as breathing exercises, and their benefits. The online class is something you can purchase and then view off the BSW YouTube channel with your exclusive access.

There’s no obligation here; you watch and practice when you choose!

This is the lowest price point and the most general service.

Check out classes here!

Or book a yoga consultation to work out the best service for you here.

Online Private

Mercedes in UstrasanaThis is where we target specific alignment cues for your body, work towards your goals, and focus on your practice. And we do this using a video chat (ex: Skype, Zoom, Hangouts) so you get to be in the comfort of your own home while getting a professional’s dedicated attention to guide you, adjust when needed and answer your questions.

  • We use a video chat – super convenient – you get to be in the comfort of your own home!
  • There’s no long-term commitment required, but there’s accountability. You get a partner on your yoga journey to cultivate your zen.
  • This is a great value and a medium price point. Of course, if you purchase a package, you get more bang for your buck.

Get a private here!

You Had Me at “Online”…!

Grab your 5-Class *online* package HERE!

(Can also be purchased in-person, in cash, via e-transfer or Square, with 3% surcharge)

Or book a yoga consultation to see what is the best fit for you!


Tailored Yoga Program

  • Have a specific health or yoga practice goal?
    • I want to feel stronger!
    • I want to touch my toes!
  • Maybe you are healing from an injury?
    • I broke my wrist years ago, but I still want to do yoga!
    • I had surgery and want to slowly build up my strength
  • Or perhaps you are working through some personal issues or a big transition?
    • I struggle with bouts of depression
    • I’ve been through huge grief

If you are ready to support your healing and/or spiritual journey with yoga, and are looking for a personal approach, then this customized program is for you!

You Get:

🌟A 2-hour consultation
This is to establish your goals, assess your current overall health profile, and your practice schedule.

Mercedes in Trikonasana

🌟A Video of your customized practice (whether you have 3 x 1h OR 5x30min)

These videos will be yours to use and practice at home.

🌟A Personal Mantra OR Guided Meditation
Depending on your needs and goals, one of these tools will be included.

🌟A complimentary 15-min Q&A session

  • This program requires commitment.

  • This is the most exclusive service.

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