Bright Star Woman Reiki Attunement Workshops are designed to teach you the basics while allowing for you to make this practice your own. Whether you seek reiki for personal practice or a professional purpose, these workshops are for you!

Traditional Usui

Traditional Reiki, rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, hence becoming a Japanese healing art.Woman receiving reiki

Usui Level 1 – Apprentice ($150+tax)
Usui Level 2 – Practitioner ($250+tax)
Usui Level 3 – Master Practitioner ($350+tax)
Usui Level 4 – Master Teacher ($425+tax *only pay the difference if done Level 3!)

Blue Star – For Usui Masters Only

Ancient Egyptian Healing Art, taught in Mystery Schools, channeled by John Williams in 1995 and further developed with Gary Jirauch.

Blue Star Level 1 – Practitioner ($300+tax)
Blue Star Level 2 – Master ($400+tax)

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It’s important to remember that *reiki is not medicine* and clients and practitioners should seek medical assistance as needed; reiki is not a replacement for appropriate medical help.

Reiki is a powerful a tool that aids in creating a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body, but does not replace medical consultation, advice and treatments.