Holistic life and wellness coach, author of Bright Star Woman Reiki Yoga Manual.

“Bright Star Woman” is my spirit name, given to me by a Cree Elder.

As a tribute to my Cree and Celtic heritage, BrightStarWoman.com explores how holistic practices contribute to purposeful lives.

After I was struck down by a burnout, depression and hypothyroidism, I decided my life had to change. It was my wake-up call.

Ever since, I’m unbecoming what I’m not. I’ve healed, I’ve empowered myself, and continue to nurture the process. Peeling away layers that keep me from shining. I’ve humbly embraced my roles as a holistic coach, which includes my functions as reiki master teacher,  registered hatha yoga and meditation teacher,  legacy tea reader, and all my other coaching tools.

I’m an advocate of conscious living.  I believe intention, wellness, spiritual practice and love for the environment to be intimately related.

I strive to create meaning in little and big ways. I’m a wife, mama of three, perpetual learner and author. This site is a place to share insights and beauty and help each other create a meaningful life, from the inside out.


I love books and yoga, dance, music, watercolour and paddleboarding. I love to eat tasty food and I enjoy the connection I feel deeply in nature. My home and garden is my sanctuary. I like curling up to a fireplace with a cuppa.

Mercedes in anjali mudra on third eye point

For those familiar with Myers-Briggs personality types, I’m very much an INFJ.

There are others on similar journeys. Let’s shine brighter together.

Reiki blessings, namaste.
Bright Star Woman

I understand ‘spiritual practice’ as any mindful activity that allows presence, awareness and growth. I believe ‘intentional living’ to be the ability to be present and make choices that honour us in this life. ‘Wellness’ is harmony of the mind, heart, body and soul. brightstarwoman.com/about