Sisters, you’re now part of a group of aware women who support each other on their holistic wellness and spiritual journey, and everything in between!

Together, we’ll rediscover our inner light and start to see from our intuition and listen to the whispers of our deep wisdom.

As the Wolf, we are students and teachers, trailblazers and pack-minded, feminine and wild, soft and strong, loving and fierce.

We will begin to heal the “Witch Wound” through sisterhood.

We are the wild ones, the great women within, just waiting to shine through.

You’ll soon receive an email with group rules, how to access the resources from the membership site, and of course, how to participate in the monthly gathering.

You’ll also get an automated message with your receipt.

For now, raise a glass of your favourite drink (tea, coffee, sparkling water, wine…whatever!) and celebrate joining a modern sisterhood and giving yourself the opportunity to BE, and to create a life of meaning, that reflects who you are on the inside.


Bright Star Woman, Wolf Clan