Practise Body-Heart-Mind Harmony to Create the Wellness + Life You Deserve!

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Let me help you find the answers to overcome challenges, create holistic wellness, and an intentional life that truly resonates with who you are inside.

Tune in to your body and intuition, tap into your emotions and raw power, and clear your mind, to create holistic health and a harmonious life, from the inside out.

Reiki  | Yoga | Meditation 

I use many tools to support my clients, from coaching techniques, to yoga and meditation, to reiki and energy work, EFT Tapping, NLP, hypnotherapy, nutrition and hand reflexology

Whatever I sense will help you reach your goals (and you’re open to trying) is what we’ll use!

Visit my coaching tools and approach page to learn about each discipline.

EFT | Hypnotherapy | NLP | Nutrition | Reflexology


 As seen on the French language show De Lumière et d’Être, on tvRogers:


Mercedes is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga AllianceMercedes is a holistic life and wellness coach. She is registered yoga and meditation teacher with the Yoga Alliance, an Usui and Blue Star Reiki master teacher, and a keeper of indigenous rites. Through the CTAA, she is an accredited life coach, EFT practitioner, holistic nutritionist, and hand reflexologist. In addition, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Philosophy from the University of Ottawa.



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