As I am a Keeper of the Womb, I hold the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki in healing a woman’s womb. It is a practice, an empowerment rite, from elders and Q’ero shamans in Peru.

Munay” in Quechua means “love and will”, added to the Japanese word “ki” meaning energy; these words mean “energy of love“. The initiation rites of the Munay-Ki are rites of loving energy.

We are all dual-energy beings; in all men, there is feminine energy, and in all women, there is male energy. In our modern Western culture, there’s much imbalance in the energy. There are outbreaks of violence against women, increasing water pollution and rising mental illness. It is a challenge to find one’s place, to find peace inside ourselves. Many men struggle to find their identity and women often believe, consciously or unconsciously, that they must be more like men in order to succeed, to be worthy, to be enough…

The 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki, the Rite of the Womb, is a rite meant to empower women and heal the feminine component of a woman’s energy.

Petals in Water

Receiving + Sharing the Rite of The Womb

If you wish to receive the Rite from me, I am listed as a Womb Keeper. Once you’ve received the Rite, you are encouraged to share it with women in your community – it reinforces it within yourself as well!

There’s no limit to how many times you can share or receive the Rite; it is practice as well as initiation into a healing sisterhood…

Preparing Yourself to Receive the Rite

As this is energy work that requires a personal commitment, I encourage you to prepare yourself by watching this video and visiting the Rite of the Womb website for a bit of insight on the journey you will embark on.

As you join your sisters in this ceremony, you’ll cleanse yourself and stand in your power, to honour the women who came before us, those who share this Earth with us, and those women who will follow us. You’ll receive the Rite in your body as a living, healing ceremony to nourish, respect and share.

You’ll discover that YOU are enough, you’re already blessed with incredible healing potential, and this ceremony simply helps you reconnect with your essence, while offering you the support of other wild, sensitive, smart, strong, caring, brave women…