What people say…

Marie-Claude Charland, Artist & Facilitator

Marie-Claude Charland, Artist & Facilitator

Revelant Insights + Practical Guidance

I had been working as an editor, which was perhaps the easiest job I’d ever had, but one of the least fulfilling for my creative artist’s heart. I had never completely given up, but was becoming discouraged regarding the possibility of changing what I did for a living – I’d been in that job for over 14 years! I was, like many people, worried about income…

What results have you seen?

I’m no longer doing work that lacks meaning for me! Which is amazing! I obtained an artist’s residency contract, which propelled me into the transition to meaningful work. I am now developing my art-based practice to help others heal trauma, and create and maintain wellness. And of course, I’m pursuing my own artistic practice!

What type of work did you do together?

Mercedes and I got to know each other at the office! Our conversations were mutually beneficial in making the transition to heartfelt work, and as she made the leap before I did, she certainly was and continues to be a source of inspiration and encouragement. I’ve also had some wonderfully helpful Reiki sessions with Mercedes – she is a very gifted practitioner, with relevant insights that translate to truly practical guidance.

What did you like most about the approach?

I feel like Mercedes is not only naturally gifted, intuitively, but her desire to assist is genuine as she seeks to fulfil her own higher purpose on this Earth and truly be a source of Light.

-Marie-Claude Charland, Artist and Facilitator



Victoria Zielinski, English Instructor living in Japan

Healing + Opening

Before seeing Mercedes for reiki, I felt that I was closed off, not allowing love from a romantic relationship forming because of wounds that I’d held in for so long, that I didn’t communicate deeply.

What results have you seen?

I certainly felt more open afterwards, feeling like I can accept love that comes to me. I felt that our reiki session was very calming and respectful. Even though Mercedes saw (or felt?) so many of my problems, I felt that they were more greeted, acknowledged and removed if need be, without judgment.

Mercedes not only does reiki, but also adds onto it her indigenous rites as well. I like how I got to draw out cards and they coincided with what she was helping me heal as well.

What was your biggest take-away?

I felt like I was finally able to open up about my past traumas without the feelings of anger or sadness attached to them, as I did before. I could finally just state them, without my emotions intervening, so it felt like I could finally acknowledge them and move passed them.

-Victoria Zielinski, English Instructor living in Japan

Stefan Fuchs, Teacher

Strength + Connection

I went to see Mercedes so that we could address my usual stresses (finances, physical ailment, relationship issues) through reiki. My back seems stronger and I walked away knowing that I need to take more time to reconnect with myself. I loved that her approach was calm, thorough, and interactive.

-Stefan Fuchs, Teacher

Confidence + Clarity

Working with Mercedes in reiki provided me with the confirmation of my own guidance, of what I already sensed but didn’t yet “know” consciously.

I feel more confident and motivated to further pursue my work in sound healing, as I’m a musician and facilitator. I’ve recommitted to my own yoga practice as well.

I really liked the mix of reiki, native tradition, energies, and chakras; I really respond to her holistic approach. Mercedes’ energy and her combination of tools, is what’s different; it’s the special sauce.

-Joël Delaquis, Artist & Sound Healer

Finding My Voice

Before working with Mercedes in yoga and reiki, I had been feeling very on edge, with lots of emotions messing with my psyche. I’m learning every day to use my voice (one of the points that came out of the reiki session). I liked that you guided me, since this was my first reiki session. I love the personalized approach, and I try to apply, in my everyday life, teachings and advice from our reiki session, about positivity and expressing myself.

-Vickie Perrault
Senior Information Officer