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Mercedes is available to teach yoga and meditation virtually (at an hourly rate) and provides custom yoga programs as well.  You can book a standalone session, book a package of 5-10 virtual classes (discount per class when purchased), or a personalized program.

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You can also contact her directly to invite her to teach in your organization, either for a session, or a special workshop. Company Team Building, Mental Health and Wellness Program, Mother Blessing, Pre -and Post-Natal Mama classes, Homeschooling group… you name it!


Mercedes is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance

Class Styles

Reiki Yoga

Mercedes in Reiki Yoga Side BendReiki Yoga, as the name suggests, is a combination of the two wellness practices of yoga, from India, and of reiki, from Japan. Reiki yoga encourages the student to explore beyond the dimensions of traditional yoga, which include poses and breath work, and includes a therapeutic aspect of energy work through reiki teachings. Reiki is the flow of universal life force in all living beings, and more specifically, the practice of directing this energy for increased overall health. In this class, yogis will practice gentle movement and postures, while exploring their own energy field and listening to their bodies as they appose their own hands onto their body to direct the flow of reiki. Mercedes will also support participants with mini “treatments” as they hold postures. Reiki yoga uses a combination of hatha and yin postures as well as reiki hand positions for self-treatments. It leaves yogis feeling grounded and energized.

Yin Yoga

Mercedes is "winged dragon" yin yoga poseMercedes loves practising and sharing yin yoga’s many gifts; from fostering tissue and joint health, to optimizing organ health, to its meditative approach. Yin yoga is a gentler, yet still effective practice, which aims to stretch connective tissue (e.g. fascia, ligaments, tendons) beyond muscular elongation, and this is accomplished by maintaining postures for upwards of 2 minutes as the muscles relax and the body settles into a pose. This is also why use of props is highly encouraged to support the body and avoid injury. Mercedes is fascinated by the connection of yin yoga to Meridian Theory, and how postures activate the energy flow of specific meridians and that in turn, stimulates blood flow and oxygen to these organs, fostering their optimal health.


Hatha yoga is a breath-led asana practice accessible to all levels. It’s perfect for beginners, and it’s a staple for experienced yogis. The sequences proMercedes in Exalted Warriormote strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Whether you are looking to support your body’s health or aiming to complement another physical activity, hatha yoga will fill your cup. Hatha yoga is like a cup of tea; soothing, warming (but not hot) and energizing. Come get your cup of hatha and drink in clarity!

Flow Yoga

Hatha with flare! Flow yoga is about breath and sequences. Flow yoga is almost like a dance, where the transitions are as important as the poses practiced. To flow is to live. There is a little less focus on breaking down alignment as flow tends to suggest at least familiarity with classic poses. Great for intermediate yogi(ni)s!

Mercedes in Wild Thing - Camatkarasana

Chakra Yoga

Yoga to tune-up your energy centres and balance your aura…! Combining breath, chants, movements and poses that stimulate and balance either specific or several chakras for greater body, heart, mind, soul harmony. Good for all levels of practitioners. Come experience your rainbow!

Also Teaches: Restorative, SUP Yoga


Customized to YOUR needs + goals!

  • Have a specific health or yoga practice goal?
    • I want to feel stronger!
    • I want to touch my toes!
  • Maybe you are healing from an injury?
    • I broke my wrist years ago, but I still want to do yoga!
    • I had surgery and want to slowly build up my strength
  • Or perhaps you are working through some personal issues or a big transition?
    • I struggle with bouts of depression
    • I’ve been through huge grief

If you are ready to support your healing and/or spiritual journey with yoga, and are looking for a personal approach, then this customized program is for you!

You Get:

A 1-hour consultation
This is to establish your goals, assess your current overall health profile, and your practice schedule.

Mercedes in Trikonasana

A Video of your customized practice (whether you have 1 x 1h OR 2x30min)

These videos will be yours to use and practice at home.

A Personal Mantra OR Guided Meditation
Depending on your needs and goals, one of these tools will be included.

A complimentary 15-min Q&A session

  • This program requires commitment.

  • This is the most exclusive service.

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Yoga with Mercedes
(Bright Star Woman)

Mercedes Déziel-Hupé, RYT200

After practising yoga for a few years, Mercedes discovered its power in 2012 as a support to overcoming burnout and depression. Mercedes is a Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) who is passionate about empowering people to center, ground and heal, through mindful movement and breath. Mercedes specializes in therapeutic style of yoga, which translates into yin yoga, reiki yoga, chakra yoga and meditation. Her classes are influenced by her indigenous and celtic backgrounds and her keen interest in mudras. She frequently uses chants, a native drum, a Tibetan bowl, or bells to support her students’ practice. Through yoga, Mercedes holds space for her students to tap into their personal power, helping them create harmony in mind, heart and body. Mercedes is also an Usui and Blue Star Reiki Master Teacher and a keeper of indigenous rites who carries this nurturing energy into her classes. Mercedes’ classes leave students feeling relaxed, energized and centered.

View Mercedes’ Yoga Alliance Profile here.

Disclaimer: As we are not responsible for your health and well-being, we recommend you consult your trusted health care provider before starting any exercise routine, wellness practice or diet regimen. Bright Star Woman or any representative is not liable for any condition, illness or injury or its related consequences. Sending you our best wishes for health, wellness and abundance. Namaste.