Readings can be done in person or at a distance as Bright Star Woman taps into your energy and Great Spirit wherever you are.

Tea ReadingTea Reading with Bright Star Woman

A lot is revealed in a cup of tea about your current life situation, influences and possibilities. A reading is not fortune telling, as it was often misunderstood in folklore. It does, however, give you an accurate ‘reading’ of the energy of a situation and give you helpful insights to understand and act in your life. Bright Star Woman is from a long line of gifted intuitive women of the Celtic tradition. Tea leaf reading is a gift from her ancestor, May.

Tea readings can be done in person, or by email or video call.

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Tea Reading Soirée

Get a few friends together and get a Tea Reading Soirée; I’ll come over and read for everyone there! Great for birthdays and girls’ nights! Can also be hosted in the afternoon… 🙂

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Tea Reading Soirée with Bright Star Woman

Crystal Reading

As a Doreen Virtue Certified Crystal Reader, I can offer you a Crystal Reading where I tap into crystalline wisdom and energy to help bring you insight into your question or concern.

Similarly to oracle card readings, we draw a crystal in regards to a specific question and interpret that crystal’s meaning, message and benefits for the client.

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Mercedes Déziel-Hupé, Certified Crystal Reader

Realm Reading

As a Doreen Virtue Certified Realm Reader, I can help identify your soul’s realm, as an Earth Angel. When you feel you do not truly “fit”, there may be a chance you are an Earth Angel, and finding out your “home” realm can be insightful, eye opening and give you an Aha moment and a sense of homecoming.

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Mercedes Déziel-Hupé, Certified Realm Reader

Fairy Reading

As a Doreen Virtue Certified Fairyologist, I can offer you a Fairy reading where we use

oracle cards from the elemental kingdom and help you tune into nature spirits and their wisdom in order to bring you insight into an area of your life you wish to gain more clarity on.

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Fairy Reading with Bright Star Woman (artist Howard David Johnson)


Oracle Card Reading

Much like with tea leaves, oracle cards are tools to help us perceive, intuit and integrate several aspects of a situation, question or issue.

Got a burning question you’d like guidance on?

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Is there a situation or area of your life you’d like more information and clarity on?

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