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If you’re a conscious woman, who is ready and looking to improve your wellness, develop your intuition and spiritual practice, heal the witch wound through loving sisterhood, then I have just the community for you!

You’re invited to the She Wolf Sisterhood – an online community of like-hearted women who are aware, and looking to grow in wellness, in spiritual practice, in sisterhood, while being guided by a coach and healer.


-a conscious woman who is growing in awareness

-You have specific challenges in your life, health or career

-You have a sense of dissatisfaction, or like there’s more to your life that where you are now

-You yearn for a community of sisters, witches, medicine women, spiritual kin, wellness warriors, lightworkers, kindness advocates and tree-hugging hippies…

-You are drawn to life and wellness coaching, but like the idea of the buddy system

-You’re a reader, a yogini, a kitchen or garden witch, a closeted spiritual practitioner…


-a supportive online community that fits your schedule

-a coach and a group of women who will keep it real

-guidance, not dogma

-space to explore while remaining accountable


-Develop your intuition

-Better understand and channel energy

-Foster overall wellness, physical/mental/emotional/spiritual

-Develop trust as you build friendships

-Learn about yourself and overcome challenges

-Acquire tools to live more in alignment with yourself, on all levels

-Get the guidance of a coach, but at a fraction of the cost of 1:1

-Share experiences with, and learn from your sisters

-The coach uses a variety of methods to help you create harmony within


-One monthly live call “gathering” (13 moons in the year!)

-4 weekly guidance emails

-access to exclusive resources to support your on your wellness and spiritual journey (meditations, exercises, recommended readings, playsheets, etc.)

Curious about getting started?

Check out the SWS page to find out more and sign up:

Thymus Health Meditation

The thymus gland is just above the heart, behind the sternum and between the lungs, and contributes to overall immune health as it produces white blood cells, particularly, mature T lymphocytes.

This short (1-3 minutes + closing breath) medical meditation from the kundalini yoga tradition helps stimulate the thymus, facilitating its production of white blood cells, specifically T cells, who fight off illness.

As with any gentle or alternative medicine, its effectiveness reveals itself over time and practice, much like nutrition…One day of good nutrition will make you feel good, but a habit of good nutrition will pay off in dividends health-wise. Give your thymus gland a little love with this meditation!

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