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What is Smudging or ‘Sacred Smoke’?

If you’ve ever wondered what smudging was, what is was about, or why it’s common practice to open meetings and ceremonies with this practice in indigenous cultures, this video will explain it!

In this video, Mercedes (Bright Star Woman) shares what this plant medicine (sage) does and how you too can learn to smudge yourself, your home and your workplace to great benefits in the short and long terms.

After you watch this video, you’ll have a new appreciation for the surprising contemporary benefits of this ‘sacred smoke’.

Thymus Health Meditation

The thymus gland is just above the heart, behind the sternum and between the lungs, and contributes to overall immune health as it produces white blood cells, particularly, mature T lymphocytes.

This short (1-3 minutes + closing breath) medical meditation from the kundalini yoga tradition helps stimulate the thymus, facilitating its production of white blood cells, specifically T cells, who fight off illness.

As with any gentle or alternative medicine, its effectiveness reveals itself over time and practice, much like nutrition…One day of good nutrition will make you feel good, but a habit of good nutrition will pay off in dividends health-wise. Give your thymus gland a little love with this meditation!

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