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My book is out!

It’s OUT since Friday March 5… Feels surreal!
I’ve pulled this entire book out of me, I birthed it, though inspiration/channeling, meditation, practical experience, hard work and lots, and lots of learning in the process. It’s beautiful to diligently create, curate, prepare, review, and release such personal work into the world. I can only hope that it will help those who need it, and I trust that its readers will find my book.
After the year the planet has had, we all need a little healing day-to-day. I humbly propose a method to empower oneself to foster wellness, intuition and energy understanding with this book.
Thank you for all your love and support: to my family, friends, coaching and Reiki clients, yoga students and colleagues, I couldn’t have done it without you.
Paperback, hardcopy and ebooks are available now at most of your favourite book retailers and will be available also on Chapters Indigo and Apple Books very soon.

SURVEY: Online Yoga & Meditation

Fellow yogis , meditators , spiritually-inclined and consciouspeople of my tribe…
I’d like to better serve my clients and people like you, who are self-aware, deeply interested in wellness and drawn to ancient and modern spiritual practices, like meditation and energy work.
That’s why I’m doing a bit of market research, and therefore looking for your thoughts and opinions before I create my next service offering…
So please take 5 min (max!) to tell me what YOU want!
I’m listening.
Thank you!!
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