RESPECT. Respect yourself by being who you are, where you are on your journey. Respect your Inner Circle sisters by honouring who they are, where they are on their journey. ZERO tolerance for verbal violence or abuse (or any other form of toxic behaviour toward one another).

SPEAK + LISTEN. Sharing your story and experiences are crucial to the group dynamic. Be vulnerable and open. Listen to your sisters with an open heart and hold space for them. Speak from your heart, with no agenda, and listen with your heart, with no judgment.

CONFIDENTIALITY. Any and everything shared in the group stays within the group. If you share a personal experience as it relates to the group, do NOT mention names and do not discuss others’ experiences.

HONOUR your commitment to yourself by showing up or at least watching the replay recording made available to you. Honour your commitment to your Inner Circle sisters by knowing what was shared by the next live circle.

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. Some of us take longer than others to feel safe and secure in forming new bonds; that’s ok! We are here to form a sisterhood, even online, at our personal convenience. Reach out to your sisters regarding the assignments, ask questions, share experiences, have virtual (or in-person) tea. Be kind to yourself and one another.

CONTRIBUTE. If you are a “contributing member” this one will be obvious to you as you will be contributing monthly to the circle’s well-being through means discussed with the circle leader (Mercedes, of for the time being). If you are not, please think/feel a way to contribute to the well-being of the group beyond the live events once in a while.

BE SOCIAL, BE MINDFUL. This covers how you act on social media in regards to the group. By all means, tell people how much you love our circle, in fact please DO share; the more people we can help by strengthening the sisterhood, the better! However, never share other people’s personal stories (see Confidentiality) and please don’t share content that belongs to (unless it is a product you have personally created for your clients and have licensed to, as both Mercedes and your sisters from the group, have worked hard to create material to benefit our mutual evolution. This work has value; please don’t give away the group’s materials or its contents (i.e. documents, audio products and videos). If you truly want to help a friend who does not have the means to join our group, share YOUR story, or if you have the means, and believe in what we do, gift them their membership.

Be a member in GOOD STANDING; money is energy too. Make sure your relationship and exchanges are healthy ones.

NO SALES. This is absolutely a place to share your gifts and build relationships, but we want a place that is “agenda-free” so we can all be free to share, express, welcome, be.