We’re all a little rebellious. I think it’s healthy to cultivate this part of ourselves to ensure we don’t just tow the line because that’s what people do. Presence requires a little rebellious streak.

I cycle in Canada. I tend toward the left of the political spectrum. I freelance – now, it’s my lifestyle! I sign petitions, mostly to protect the environment. I compost in the city. I watch Netflix because, why cable? I question the J.O.B. paradigm. I’m a bookavore and I boycott news. In fact, I curate what I allow in my space (physical and otherwise). I entertain wild ideas on a regular basis. I started a blog (yes, this one!) I’m not even sure my own social circles read.

We’re all little rebels; we have it in us to question the way things are. We have the ability to ask why. This is such a great gift that we tend to neglect for the “sake of peace” or of “conformity” (often labelled as “tradition”). The ability to question is the essence of intention and it is the backbone of alternative and simple living. Think about it, our society is built on always wanting more, doing more, running to exhaustion and disposing. What if we said, “no, thanks”?


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I want to create a life with meaning to me. I see meaning in loving relationships, in time and financial flexibility. I see meaning in creating a healthy lifestyle, for my heart, mind and body. I see meaning in the space we leave ourselves to think, dream, rest, be.

Photo by Joshua Earle

Photo by Joshua Earle

Learn to recognize the issues that stir inside you; those are the ones that warrant deeper exploration led by your ability to question. Ask the right questions. Cultivate your inner rebel, prune its useless rants and focus its growth towards issues you care about. You’ll be happy to realize you’ve made choices that reflect on the outside who you are on the inside.

How are you a rebel? What does that voice say that helps you be YOU? Are there wild encouragements you should act on?