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Book Review: Manuscript Found in Accra, by Paulo Coelho

Manuscript Accra Coelho

Manuscript Found in Accra, by Paulo Coelho

As part of my goal of a more frugal, intentional lifestyle meets my love of reading, I’ve been known to hang out at the municipal library. A lot. In the last year, I’ve read a lot of light, fun novels but I’ve also started to return to Paulo Coelho, and other more philosophical reads or non-fiction with a personal development twist.

I used to love EVERYTHING Coelho published, until I didn’t. After The Witch of Portobello, I took a break. I didn’t feel compelled by the writing anymore so I knew that I needed to step back. Sometimes, authors go through phases, but so do readers, even the die hard fans.

When I got back to his work, I decided to read Brida, which was a contemporary story about a young Irish woman who wished to reconnect with witchcraft. It was a beautiful story that flirted with some New Age concepts such as Twin Flames. Coelho is fascinated with mystique, spirituality (The Alchemist), the history of religions, human nature (By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, Veronika Decides to Die, Eleven Minutes) and relationships (Love: Selected Quotations, The Zahir: A Novel of Obsession, Adultery). He also seems to be drawn to matters relating to lightwork and purpose, as he’s more obviously expressed in works like The Warrior of the Light. Essentially, his books, whether they’re fiction or based on facts, are about the journeys we make and how those journeys influence our lives.

Book Review: The Manuscript Found in Accra, by Paulo Coelho

The Manuscript Found in Accra is one of those books based on fact. Coelho brings to life the reality of people in Jerusalem, on July 14, 1099. The city is waiting for the invasion of the crusaders who have surrounded the gates. Inside the ancient city walls, the people have gathered to hear the wise words of a mysterious man known only as the Copt. They ask him questions in the hopes he’ll share his wisdom about life.

Although this is not written in poetry but in prose, the structure reminds me of The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. In his poem, Gibran tackles complex topics in simple terms. Coelho achieves the same thing with similar complex subjects that have puzzled humankind for centuries. They both speak of love, success, work and family. Both books share a teacher to student interaction, speak to crowd, wise to curious. They share the quality of easily being referenced beyond their initial read. I’m sure that if we compared them more carefully, we’d find even more similarities. Both narratives begin with a wise man leaving his legacy to a village before an end; in one case, the prophet departs while in the other, the city will be under siege. The other difference is that Gibran’s work is his perspective on life and spirituality presented in the form of fiction, while Coelho’s work is about a historical event, interpreted.

As I remind myself that nuggets from Coelho’s Manuscript Found in Accra came from an ancient document, I’m impressed with the relatability of the discussions and concerns. Many of the observations made are still applicable today! It reminds me that there has always been hope for the awakening of our collective consciousness but that through history, our metaphors evolved and slowly but surely, more of us now wish to lead conscious lives.

We seek to reconnect with our true natures, we often look for a godly presence in our lives or wish to find the sacred. We yearn for harmony, we wander looking for purpose and we crave meaning.

What books have led you to reflect on human nature, purpose and spirituality?

Book Review: The Daily Love, by Mastin Kipp

If you have no idea who Mastin Kipp is yet, then you should check out his blog TheDailyLove.com. Oprah has invited this “new generation spiritual thinker” on her show Super Soul Sunday and on tour for the Lifeclass. I don’t know about you, but I tend to trust Oprah’s recommendations. But funny enough, I didn’t discover him through the world’s number one media humanitarian. It all started with a forward from my then, yoga teacher and life coach, now friend. She said something along the lines of “check this out – you’ll love this guy’s blog.”

I signed up for his weekly emailed and started watching DailyLove TV. I always found his videos uplifting and I saw that his company, The Daily Love, was organizing a ton of personal development events. When he launched his book, Daily Love: Growing Into Grace I added it to my Amazon cart. Then it sat there for a couple of months until I saw one of his videos on getting unstuck. I figured, it’s now or never if I want to start getting my act together. Let’s see what this guy’s story is and what insights he might have to share.


dailylove cover

Daily Love: Growing Into Grace, by Mastin Kipp

Book Review: The Daily Love – Growing Into Grace, by Mastin Kipp

It turns out, Mastin’s writing voice is incredibly honest and accessible. He’s smart and shares lessons from personal experience in a non-preachy way. He doesn’t make efforts to embellish parts of his journey nor does he make himself out to be a fully-fledged perfect hero. He shares his past battles and even his current challenges with courage and vulnerability. His issues are all there on the table for your judgement or inspiration. Although, most readers will be compelled into stepping into their power.

He openly shares his resources, from books to mentors and events. He recognizes that no one is entirely self-made and we all need help. Any fan of The Daily Love will tell you that Mastin is genuinely living in service and leads with his heart. And of course, his journey is too extraordinary to have been imagined; he’s been as low as the depths of the sea and he’s soared up there with greats like Tolle and Robbins. A guy just can’t plan that serendipity. His story is inspiring but that’s not all. Mastin is all about taking action, not just spiritual entertainment.

Mastin Kipp

Mastin Kipp, founder of TheDailyLove and author of Daily Love: Growing Into Grace

In essence, we learn that in order to change our lives, we need to be ready to face our fears and take action steps towards who we want to be and the life we want to live every day. My action toward a healthier me is finding help for dealing with sugar addiction and committing to my handstand challenge. I’m reinforcing a stronger mind and a stronger body. I will take my power back! As for my action toward my bliss, I’m posting weekly on this blog, which makes me truly happy, and I’m starting to organize my book in a more structured way. (YES! There will be a book…stay tuned!)

How would YOU like your life to improve? What action are you ready to take to make it happen?

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