The documentary Origins is an exploration of our origins as human beings is to be the key to understanding our current predicament. Exploring our origins will lead us to answers for our health issues, our individual and collective purpose, and of course, how to transform our lives into sustainable ones.

“The wisdom of the ancients is truly the medicine of the future.” – The Origins Movie




This may seem like a lot to chew on, and it is. By scaling a question like this one to ourselves, we can better understand then, how we play a role and how the Earth plays a role in our lives as well.


I’ve reflected on mindfulness as it extends to intentional living: how are my choices helping my life and how are they impacting the future lives of children I wish to have? Are my choices true to my values, if I actually research the steps involved in bringing my food to my table or my clothes to my closet? These thoughts scare me. They probably should, as long as this awakening leads to constructive action.

“The truth will set you free, but first, it will piss you off.” – Gloria Steinem

With record high numbers of people feeling disconnected, depressed and sick, it’s becoming hard to ignore the proverbial elephant. There’s so much misinformation and fear in our media that it’s difficult not to feel confused, overwhelmed and paralyzed into our habits. I know that personally, I’ve struggled with my career choices, my relationship with food and with my relationship to the environment.

One of the best decisions I’ve made in reducing my stress levels is boycotting traditional media and seeking information on matters that interest me as I feel ready to learn about them and take action. The saying “knowledge is power” is true, only if it is used wisely. And that’s key; use it!

There are many amazing organizations, activists, writers, educators, elders, spiritual leaders and light workers out there who are working very hard to show us a better, kinder way, for all involved. If you truly want to find truth and empowerment, you will find it.


In a nutshell, struggling with dis-ease is not being in harmony. Struggling with depression is not being aligned with our purpose. When we understand the relationship between ourselves and our environment, whether we do so practically or symbolically, it becomes obvious that oneness is the answer. We cannot manifest the answer to our needs if we aren’t one with our environment, whether those needs are physical or spiritual.

You are One with Great SpiritNative Americans believe that we are a part of Nature, that we aren’t the “supreme predator” and shouldn’t consider ourselves as such. In Native traditions, it’s common knowledge that the Earth Mother cares for us, provided we are connected to her. I’ve heard the analogy of the mother and her child travelling abroad with no contact information as a way to explain how it is we find it so difficult to have our “needs” met.

Picture a young adult leaving their mother to go travelling without giving her their contact information or address. When that child calls mom in a panic for help, mom has no way to find her without her saying where she is, how to reach her and what’s happening.

Wouldn’t you want to leave the Earth Mother your number and address?


I’m not an expert at this but I take this daily challenge on gladly, as I know it ultimately betters my life and those of the people I love and in future, those of strangers whom I may or may not meet.

My Top Reconnecting Methods:

1. Yoga and Meditation
2. Reiki
3. Being present and mindful practice
4. Being in nature
5. Gratitude

Yoga and meditation have been practices used for thousands of years and the great Gandhi wouldn’t have achieved peace for his people without the use of his mind, made sharper through these practices.

Reiki is a holistic technique for relaxation which encourages the flow of life force energy for the creation of ideal health. Reiki brings awareness and helps clear the body of blockages to allow it to do its natural job of healing itself. To introduce yourself to reiki, check out Diane Stein’s book.

Presence and mindful practice have the benefit of quieting the mind in an accessible way. When we do something mindfully, like cooking or dancing to music, we’re fully present without making an effort to do so. All we do is focus on the task at hand and enjoy it. If you haven’t read Eckhart Tolle, do so, you’ll be grateful you did!

Nature is a great teacher and listener. Bodies of water have the ability to absorb your cares and convert them into life. We wash away worries as we do dirt. Trees are mighty and full of memory; they show us growth is greatest when rooted. Rocks show us patience as they have been created over millenia. Animals teach us about BEing and seasons teach us about cycles. Walk in nature and allow yourself to be in awe.

When we cultivate gratitude, we get more of what we need and sometimes, more of what we want. The beauty of it is, we want (and want for) very little when we are grateful. We assess all that is given to us and we’re humbled. Do whatever works for you; a gratitude jar or journal, a morning prayer, an evening thanks…

All these practices create a sense of peace and clarity which allows for better decisions.

Creating Ideal Health

In regards to our physical health, there is much research that shows how our nutrition is dumbing us down, numbing us to our reality and the experience of living. We’re cultivating dangerous sugar additions, as described in Fed-Up. It also shows that our lifestyles as they currently sit (pun intended) are dulling our senses and ultimately killing us.

For a better understanding of how nutrition and lifestyle are affecting us, do yourself the favour of watching (and re-watching) the Origins movie. It’s free and it’s a very good tool to start educating yourself on the importance of your personal choices on your health, your family’s well-being and the state of our planet.


Together, we can do this. I send you all my most loving wishes in your quests back to your authentic selves and your intentional lives.