Until a few years ago, when there was all the rage with The Secret, most of us hadn’t even reflected on the concept of manifestation. I can’t speak for others, but I hadn’t thought that my thoughts could have an impact on my life. In fact, I didn’t suspect that my recurring emotions, mindsets and deep-rooted beliefs had any bearing on the opportunities that came into my life, the ideas I had or the company I kept. To me, it was all luck and fate.

Along with legions of people around the world looking for meaning, I watched and studied The Secret.  Many areas of my life have improved since, but I can’t say that there were sudden, miracle-like changes following that enlightening film. That’s because that film is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to manifesting. What the film doesn’t explicitly say, is that The Law of Attraction does not lead you to wants, if those are not in line with your beliefs. It takes the shape of the world you believe in; it reflects YOU.  On that, the sequel The Moses Code is very enlightening. You can also find it on Gaim TV.

Everything Open Blessings Coming To MeThe 2 Lessons Missing From The Secret:

1-The Universe will give you more of what you believe, whether you think you want it or not. If you don’t want what you’re getting, take a look at what you believe – and replace it with something true to you.

I’m also on the journey of exploring my beliefs and my deeper, “agreements”. The areas of my life that are mediocre are that way because of something I believe. Whether we admit that we are responsible for attracting experiences or not, science has already shown the correlation of happiness and attitude.

I may not like to think that I’ve attracted student loans, or job losses or tax issues. I may not like the idea that I had a part in landing a job that lead me to a burnout.  But on some level, I know that my beliefs about abundance and support had an immense part to play in drawing these experiences to me in the first place. I’ve often thought that money was hard to come by and that work was hard or that I had little support. The truth is, “truth” is relative and so facts may be interpreted differently depending on your perspective. Someone’s tragic car accident is another person’s wake-up call.

Granted, there are things that happen to us because of other people’s free will and this is a little bit difficult to comprehend in cases such as childhood illness, but the fact remains that perspective plays a big part in how events unfold. Some Holocaust survivors have reported living happy lives while depression soars among people who’ve never lived war. Let that sink in.

I decided to replace my “I’m not supported” belief with “the support I need comes to me”. This then becomes an exercise in perspective; whenever something happens that makes me feel unsupported, I review the event and look for the thing that does make me feel supported and focus on it. This then changes how I feel about, which usually leads me to a solution or at least closure.

HarmonyWithUniverse_ChrisCade2-The Universe will give you what you need. If your communication is off, your messages will be distorted. Find ways to reconnect to ease the process.

In First Nations cultures, there’s no doubt that the Universe is ONE and as humans, we’re children of Earth and Sky. From my understanding, Father Sky gives us a purpose; Mother Earth gives us presence. Father Sky gives us a soul and Mother Earth gives us a physical body and the human experience. They love us so much. Whenever I practice pranic breathing in honour of my spiritual parents, I feel a windfall of love and support. When we connect to the heritage of both are parents, which is to say we’re aware of our purpose and we’re present, then we find meaning. When we’re connected, they can provide for us.

Have you ever noticed how certain people are naturally happy, have a great outlook and seem unnaturally fortunate or lucky? Good things seem to happen to them and you wonder “Geez, I wish my life were that easy” or “I wish I were going on a trip in the middle of winter – how do they do it?”

They may not be aware they’re doing it or even adhere to the concepts I’m simplifying here, but these folks are simply enhancing their natural energy (their good vibes, if you will) through their beliefs. They’re probably also quite adept at practising gratitude or they’re good listeners. These are all practices of people who are mindful and present. In other words, they call “Earth Mom” more often to let her know how they are.

These “fortunate” people – let’s call them Naturals – probably know themselves very well and have a certain zest for life. Or perhaps they have a particular passion that drives them. In essence, they’re found purpose and created meaning in their lives.

I Want to Manifest A Better Life Now

keep-calm-have-an-attitude-of-gratitudeIn a nutshell, manifestation can only happen when there’s a connection (purpose and presence) and the right conduit (belief). Find the reason why you want experiences, people and things in your life and start appreciating where you are in the process, while keeping in your heart why you’re doing it.

Practising presence or “being in the moment” also makes it easier to break a pattern; the most powerful creative time (now). Awareness is only possible now and so is action. Those are key elements to breaking free from a pattern…

Adding more love to your thoughts, actions, beliefs and habits… I addressed this in my post on “Raising Your Vibe“. When we add love (whatever makes us feel loving) we make it easier to manifest our needs and many of our wants. Whatever that is for you, do more of it! If you like to cook or enjoy gardening, all the power to you. If you like to belt out Adele while you’re cleaning or you love knitting, then knock yourself out! Carve out time to do YOU and find ways to bring your jam into the less-awesome things we all need to do, whether it’s paying your bills or doing groceries.

Lots of love to you all on your manifesting journey!