Have you ever wondered why some people just seem lucky? Or when they’re having a good day, all good things seem to happen to them? Sometimes, it feels like you have a stroke of good fortune and good things bring better experiences and even greater people to share these experiences with and it feels invigorating?

change-managementIt’s not strictly by chance.

I’ve experienced serendipity for myself, but also, what feels like a huge shift at a few periods in my life. I’m going through a shift right now.


Because I’m raising my vibe. *Notice the continuing verb tense here.* You could call it many things, but I think that “vibe” is accessible and encompassing. Your vibe is the energy with which you carry yourself; it’s more than the sum of your thoughts, feelings, attitude, beliefs and actions.

Science has been able to show that the body generates heat and uses colour to demonstrate this. Perhaps, one day, science will also be able to show that our energy surrounding our body (also known as our aura) extends outside of ourselves and can be felt. It is not yet seen by most of us, although, some can train to see energy fields or auras. That said, someone who is even remotely aware can sense another’s moods. Someone who’s very sensitive will be able to read much more than body language from another’s presence.

Our vibe, is the particular brand of energy, tuned in to a low (negative) or high (positive) frequency. Energy can be viewed as having levels, including positive and negative, on a spectrum. It can be compared to a radio station; within the station’s range, the broadcast will come in clearly once the radio is tuned to the frequency. On the other hand, regardless of the high or low frequency, if the station you’re looking for isn’t tuned on your radio and you’re not searching in the correct circuit (AM or FM), then there’s static and there’s no clear communication.

(I know, what an old school example. I’m a child of the 80s!)

souls recognize vibesWhen you tune yourself to high frequencies (let’s say FM for the sake of the metaphor), such as positive emotions like love, you are near the station (your purpose, your harmony or sense of peace), you receive clear communication and you can access other “FM” stations. A high frequency or FM station can be your purpose, your harmony, your sense of peace or fulfillment… And the communication can take the form of ideas to inspire you into taking action, or abundance and dreams may manifest tangibly. When you’re searching AM stations in the hope of finding FM content, you’re out of luck.

So if you are hoping for love, but your attitude, your beliefs and your actions resonate with a low frequency, then the broadcast just won’t work. The good news is, higher frequencies are more powerful and have a broader reach than lower ones do.

Wanting change isn’t enough though. True change requires commitment; we must want the new state more than the effort it takes in order to continue despite fear and discomfort, long past the spirit in which the intention was set.

Start with one thing and stick to it. Start now.

David-Jakes-on-Change-2.jpg.scaled.1000-400x533My Personal Shift: Raising My Own Vibe

Since I began reconnecting to reiki (over a span of about 3 months), many internal changes have happened for me, which then in turn, manifest outwardly. I can then, honestly say, that I’m changing my life from the inside out.

I’ve adopted a new perspective on my health that is not focused on weight-loss but rather, on body awareness and self-care. I deserve health and so, I lovingly and happily develop newer habits that benefit my overall health. This lead me to recommit to my yoga practice. I see myself as responsible, as opposed to guilty. I’ve also started using MyFitnessPal as a guide, not as an ultimate tool. To me, it helps show me habits that are beneficial and it encourages me to focus on those. I even run a little (and I use to only run if I was being chased or if I was about to miss the bus). Deeper the realization still; health to me, is a wheel, a holistic system.

I’ve also decided to break up with guilt and crazy-making. If I make a decision to do something, I don’t beat myself up about not doing another. I stand by my choices, but I’m not afraid to adjust when necessary. I try to respect my rich personal time and honour it with reading, music, writing… whatever my heart needs.

I’m feeling a huge draw towards simplification. I do not want to spend my life cleaning, sorting and accumulating “stuff”. It’s been a journey and it’s not over. I have to frequently remind myself that I am making a conscious choice in shedding layers, years of debilitating beliefs and enslaving decisions. It’s not too late to make a change. But I’m patient with myself.

I am actively aware of my emotions and my moments of ‘unconsciousness’, also known as the moments when the ego takes over. I am learning to forgive in a different way; out of compassion for others but also for myself.

VibeTribeOne of the results is that my social circle is changing. As they say, “your vibe attracts your tribe.” I am gaining incredible insights through new friends and acquaintances. Even my work environment’s completely changed and reflects a new dynamic. I see all these changes as beneficial and as results of personal work. I am creating in my outside world, the inner world I have nourishing.

I am on a journey to make time for stillness. One form this takes for me is yoga, but I practice this every time I practice reiki as well. The place of no mind is filled with great peace. I enjoy Elizabeth Gilbert‘s quote on the mind in her upcoming book #BigMagic… (seriously, I can’t wait for that book to launch!)

Possessing a creative mind is like having a border collie for a pet; if you don’t give it a job to do, it will find a job to do – and you might not like the job it invents.
– Elizabeth Gilbert

My own journey is showing me, in a relatively short period, that true change begins within. I may not be where I want to be, but I am where I need to be right now. And that’s a beautiful thing because I see the bounty of lessons and growth available to me. I also see my power and I can no longer doubt it. I wish I could share this feeling with you and you would not doubt yourself either. Try it. Raise your vibe.