Tonight, I’ve been working on a few different post ideas (that aren’t fully formed yet) and I couldn’t help but feel incredibly blissful as I sat here and typed words from my heart. I’ve been writing to you on my latest discoveries on personal power and agreements, as well as on my adventure in reiki. But the melody fills my head, the essence fills my heart and I must share this with you.Writing Quote

I invite you to join me for a few minutes. This, the ambience this clarinet jazz creates, is one of my happy places.

Being a child of the 80s, I have an uncanny love of jazz (ha! I probably lived in the 1920s). I did learn to swing dance because I loved the music as much as I loved to dance. Though I was classically trained, I could not “bust out” to big band the way my gut knew I should.

But my swing dance a story  will be for another light-hearted evening.

I also find that the sound of typing is almost as relaxing as white noise. Typing, or the symphony of different key combinations, is an enchanting sound for me. I do love the sound of a typewriter, with its cascading rhythm and its sliding and dinging punctuation. It’s almost romantic. It has an accessible, easy to relate-to meditative sound.

S Bechet AlbumAnyway, back to jazz… I am hypnotized by the voice of a clarinet – it sways me. Naturally, I’m a fan of Sidney Bechet. I can’t help but bounce to Django Reinhardt’s spirited guitar, Charleston to ragtime and scratchy jazz records and jump to my feet for a Count Basie tune. So when I want to work, I plug myself to the mood I’m in. It strengthens the energy I already have, whether it’s mellow and reflective or upbeat and outgoing. This internet radio station is one of my absolute favourites!

For you, I open a window in one of my favourite laid-back moods. Press play… Run both tracks at the same time, close your eyes and picture yourself pouring out your inner-most thoughts and feelings to a journal or cradling a cup of tea or a glass of wine. You will get an idea of one of my favourite happy places, my writing state.