My absence may have been felt these last two weeks as I haven’t posted new reflections or teachings to share with you. I apologize!

You see, I’ve been working behind the scenes to improve your reader experience on the blog and your overall visiting experience on the Bright Star Woman site.

I’m currently working on a few upgrades, rethinking some of the services and evaluating the direction of the blog. Trust that I will continue to write here, but I’m not sure what I’ll be discussing yet! I promise there will be posts as we upgrade. 🙂

I know, so much mystery, huh?

In times of transformation, there’s a lot brewing under the surface and it often feels like there’s destruction and grief. For me, being an entrepreneur, working as an energy coach and improving this site… it feels a little bit like swimming in the ocean; it’s vast and it’s scary and sometimes, I wonder where land is and I hope there’s a boat near by to scoop me up!

I hope you’ll like the improvements I’ll be bringing here. I’m really trying to pour more of myself in the site and, maybe if I can put myself out there, perhaps I can reach through the screen, speak to your heart and we can connect?

I look forward to seeing you all here and getting to know you better.

Meegwetch for your patience and your support as we work behind the scenes to grow and improve!

In love and light, reiki blessings to all,


Put myself out there and connect WIDE CENTRE