No one truly enjoys conflict, and very few people seek confrontation. Many people avoid it like the plague. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to confrontation.

I used to crave the drama and feel so alive in a confrontation, but then, be left with  some kind of chaotic mess to clean up. Ever since I’ve been on the spiritual path, I’ve been trying to live a peaceful life. So much so, that I’ve frequently bent over backwards to avoid confrontation. Ouch!

Fast Track Learning

In the span of a few weeks since I began deepening my spiritual practice, I’ve now tackled five (5!!!) different confrontations due to misunderstandings. Some were directly related to my purpose (this website and energy work) and others were indirectly related to the changes I’m making in my life. For a gal who likes a quiet life, I sure have had my share of drama to deal with…and it’s draining.

Confrontation and conflict are a few of life’s great teachers. Conflict holds a mirror up. If we are willing to be brave and look at ourselves and our behaviour, while still standing by our boundaries in our interactions with others, then we can find nuggets of truth that will empower us to grow.

Unfortunately, with great lessons, comes a big learning curve. It means that dealing with conflict and confrontation with awareness is challenging. Facing not one or two, or three but five of these situations in a short period is…exhausting!

“If we are willing to be brave and look at ourselves, we can find nuggets of truth that will empower us to grow.”   - Bright Star Mercedes

Add A Side of Kindness To Your Lesson – FREE

Though I’m grateful for the lessons I’m learning, sometimes I wish the path was easier to walk – or at least kinder. That’s usually when I remind myself of the famous quote (paraphrased by Bruce Lee and JFK):

“Don’t pray for an easier life, pray for strength to live the one you have.”

For the journey to be kinder, I need to take the first step in showing compassion and kindness to myself and to others. This means forgiving myself, not attacking but respecting my own boundaries in the heart of a disagreement.

When life puts bumps in the road, it’s because you can handle it. So if you’re hit with a few bumps or thrown a few curves, take a breath, put your hands on your heart and give yourself a bit of compassion.

How do you handle conflict? What lessons has it taught you?