‘I want change, but I don’t want it to hurt.’

Most people want change to be painless, smooth and overall without too many ruffled feathers.

But growing pains are called that way for a reason.

Understand this though… it’s not necessary to suffer, that’s a state of mind.

But struggle can be a rite of passage because big change starts from the inside out.

And chances are, you’ve been living from a passive “happening to me” mode to an active “life is happening for me”.


How do you empower yourself to welcome change?

Ask yourself:

“What am I willing to tolerate, temporarily, to enable this transformation / scenario / solution that I want to experience?”

Make a list of the ‘discomforts’ or ‘sacrifices’ you’re ready to make, with a big title that says:

(or whatever your desired outcome is)

I am willing to…
I am doing…
I trade this (comfort) for this (benefit)…

And without imposing a deadline on your success, allow yourself a revision period for the sacrifices you’re making to see if they still suit you in 3 months. This approach enables you to be empowered in any life transition.

How do you face change?