Back when I was commuting to my office job, I’d get stressed out about arriving late to work. One day, the traffic jam (which was more like molasses) delayed the bus I was on by an hour!

That’s when I had one of my rare panic attacks.

How my Panic Led to my AHA Moment

I was sweating, my breath was shallow, my heart beat faster and I was pacing in my head. I felt pressure in my chest. I got up from my seat to move, but I was just psyching myself out.

‘They’ll dock my pay…. What will they say? Is this my third strike – but it’s not even my fault!…What if they fire me?!?…What do I TELL them when I get there?!?’

And as I put a hand on my chest and another on my dewy forehead, a calm voice in my head affirmed:

If you don’t chill out right now, you’re going to die. Breathe. Deep. Now.

I believe that was my higher self intervening, long enough for me to remember a coach’s words:

Why are you so worked up? What’s the trigger here, Mercedes?”

And it suddenly clicked.

In one moment, my need to please, my longing for perfection, my fear of shame, my learned habit of lying to protect myself all became crystal clear.

There were no words, but I understood, deep down, that I didn’t need to be perfect, I didn’t care anymore if I was pleasing my supervisors or being approved by them, I no longer had any fear or shame around reprisals, and I certainly didn’t feel the need to make up excuses. Life just was, and if they weren’t ready to deal with it, I sure as heck wasn’t making myself sick about it anymore.

I got off the bus and walked to grab a coffee.

And I never again worried about workplace ‘approval’ or ‘reprisals’ again. I left my job a few months later.

The Gears Are Turning

When knowledge is integrated on all energy levels, things ‘click’ and you really ‘get it’, there’s a realization (an AHA moment) that leads to action.

And that driven action yields a transformation.

And that happens when you acknowledge your agreements and rewrite them.

This is a small part of the work I do with nine-to-fivers who long to make the leap in business, and entrepreneurs who are stuck. I help them understand their agreements so they can replace them by powerful, self-honouring ones that manifest their dream business.

If you’re ready to welcome a breakthrough, look at your agreements and overcome your mind or energy block, hop on a discovery call with me. We’ll discuss the issue holding you back from your dream biz, we’ll assess where you are on your journey and you’ll walk away with a custom self-care exercise to help you shift your energy so things start moving for you.

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