‘Forgiveness is releasing hope for a different past.’ – Anonymous

Is it time for you to shed the guilt, resentment or anger? It’s heavy, darling.

If you’ve carried regret in your heart, and have been stuck reliving your past and your patterns, this is your sign to tell you…

?Beautiful light that you are, it’s time to let go and shine!?

Forgiving doesn’t mean you have to condone the behaviours of those who’ve hurt you. It means you choose to love yourself more than to condemn yourself to re-living the pain over and over.

And if the person with whom you’re angry is yourself, then peace must also be made.


When there is conflict (on the inside or with others), Hawaiian spirituality suggests the practice of Ho’oponopono. It is the expression of 4 sentences that have the power to energetically shift a dynamic between people, or within people.

It goes like this:

I love you.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.

These phrases are powerful because they shift us into love, responsibility, forgiveness and gratitude.

If you can’t forgive yourself, you can’t accept where you are. And if you can’t accept the present, then your future will only be a replay of what you’ve already done.

As they say… don’t look back, you’re not going that way.

You are most powerful in the now, so bring your energy back to the present by forgiving. You deserve your dream life + biz. You deserve your brightest future.

(I release my regret about not starting my biz sooner, and I forgive myself for not being braver years ago…)


“I release and forgive…”

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