Meet Nala.

I’m a proud mama of this playful kitty we named Nala (meaning “gift”, in Swahili). She came to us in spontaneous circumstances and we took her in. We weren’t planning on adopting a cat but we’re very happy she joined our family.

Nala, our cat, loving the camera

Nala, our cat, loving the camera

She’s young and smart and she took no time at all to train. She loves chasing balls and toy mice, in fact, she’s quite the hunter. She’s fascinated by showers and has a casual interest in gardening… ahem! What can we say? She’s the perfect cat for us.

Even though Nala’s arrival was not planned, we are so grateful for her. She helps us stay grounded and present. She’s an instant de-stressor and we have lively morning chats. Life doesn’t always give us what we want, but it always gives us what we need, as long as we say “Yes!”.

This Thanksgiving, with many unexpected adventures in 2015, we’re thankful for the surprises life bring us too…

What have you been grateful for?  What are you happy you said yes to? How can you open up to life’s great bounty?