I can barely contain myself, I’m so thrilled to be announcing this exciting development with Bright Star Woman Energy Work and Coaching!

(That was a mouth full.)

Wow. I’m finally taking that next step in opening up my reiki practice globally.

Reiki can do so much for our mental, emotional and physical well-being, and it really is time to make it more accessible.

I resisted this approach for a long time, because I felt it wasn’t “usually” the way to do reiki, and it didn’t feel as “authentic” to me. Honestly, I was afraid of nay sayers who’d call me out and ask me “how reiki could possibly work at a distance?” Essentially, I was fighting my own ego and my own fears.

I was guided to do this, so fear really no longer drives that car…

I’m ready. I’m reaching out to you – opening my arms and my practice to you.

Here’s what I found honours all involved and what I decided to move forward and offer.

In a distance Reiki Tune-Up, I send reiki to the client for 30 minutes, at a scheduled time I communicate with the client and draw a reiki healing card for the client, which I share via email afterwards.

In a distance Reiki Hour, I send reiki to the client for 60 minutes, at a scheduled time I communicate with the client, give the client the opportunity to have us work on a specific issue (physical or otherwise), then send a mini report and the result of the 1 card draw of reiki healing cards via email afterwards.

The scheduled time allows me to be accountable to the client, showing you that I am honouring our commitment. You may notice different sensations happening in your body, thoughts coming to mind or feelings in your heart, as I send reiki. Make a note of these and see how things unfold in the following days.

The reiki reading card is to leave you with something to meditate on, to keep the process going for you.

ready to receive reiki WIDE

Reiki feels different from person to person, but I always send reiki with the intention of the client’s highest and greatest good. Reiki is energy work and requires your consent, openness, and participation.

You have to want reiki, be ready to receive it and be aware of how it is unfolding for you.

Because this is a new service and because I want to encourage as many of you to take advantage of it, I’m starting off with really competitive, accessible prices (in CAD$). You might want to book me while this stuff is hot and ridiculously affordable. 😉

Love of reiki love to all of you – Mercedes (Bright Star Woman)

Have you ever had a reiki session? What did you experience? Are you familiar with distance reiki?