Do you share my networking nightmare?

You’re chatting, networking and people ask you the dreaded:

‘What do you do?’

You’re sweating and babbling because, of course, YOU know what you do, but you feel like you’re explaining it all wrong, and you just don’t really have a label for yourself.

It can be tough if you haven’t come up with a savvy made-up title like “social media guru”, “programming & design ninja” or “organizer extraordinaire”.

And frankly, if you can’t nail a fun title, don’t even go there.


How do you find your identity as an entrepreneur, outside of the corporate world of titles?

You’ve probably heard of the elevator pitch, yes? (The one that describes you and your biz in under 30 seconds, reminiscent of an elevator ride convo?)

Ok, good. Same concept, softer approach.

The point isn’t to “sell” your biz at all costs, but to get super clear and comfortable with the words to say the following:

“I’m (name), I’m passionate about (field/expertise), and I work with (niche) to help them do (solution/transformation).”


Come up with several versions of this, and get super cozy with your keywords.

Here’s an example.

I’m Mercedes, I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs-to-be leave their 9-to-5 to pursue their passion projects.

I’m Mercedes, I help worker bees transition to entrepreneurs before they make the leap so they start their biz on the right foot.

I’m Mercedes, a holistic mindset practitioner. I work with fed-up nine-to-fivers who want to pursue a purpose that their jobs can’t or won’t allow. I help them bridge the gap between worker bee and entrepreneur so they can begin working effectively in their biz from the start.

You’ll notice the message is exactly the same and there are similar words.

Finding your identity really just means understanding your position and those magic words on the other end of:

“Who am I”, “What do I offer” and “Who am I serving”?

In other words:

What lights me up?
What do I rock at?
Who’d say ‘shut up and take my money’?


How to Find Your Biz Identity Without a Title

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