What ‘agreements’ are holding you back that you’re not even aware of?

Everyone talks about mindset and limiting beliefs.

But did you know that even more powerful than that, deeply rooted, you have agreements that dictate how you shape your world?

No word of a lie, we all have them. We’re incarnated souls, therefore we have contracts, including the ones we make while we’re here on Earth.

So what IS an agreement?

It’s an energetic contract that you make, where you enlist a belief to become true for you in your life.

Agreements can be great, especially because they’re so powerful. But they can also be damaging when you’re unaware of them and even, let them lapse…

Agreements can serve you or hinder you.

Here’s an example of an agreement that hinders you.

If you grew up in a very poor household, your parents may have told you that money doesn’t grow on trees (limiting beliefs). Say bullies at school would tease you about being poor, and how your parents’ jobs were silly/worthless. You may then have felt such shame, that you’d believed that your family had done something wrong, and therefore did not deserve abundance and wealth.

Therefore, all your following choices would have kept you playing small, and making enough money to fulfill your needs, but not enough to be wealthy.

You may have believed that people with money were bullies, making you resist money for fear of becoming the bully. Or, you could have taken that precariousness, and decided that you’d never feel it again and centre your life around money, blinding you to any path that didn’t come with a certain amount of dollar signs.

Agreements can be made around strong feelings or traumas, but they can also be rewritten in awareness. Agreements can be inherited from a previous life or be made in this lifetime. Our agreements shape our world, and by how it is shaped, we realize whether they are serving or hindering us.

This really is just scratching the surface of what agreements are and how they can impact our lives. I dig into this further with my clients, but the first step is awareness.

Agreements can be made around strong feelings or traumas, but they can also be rewritten in awareness.

If you could guess where in your life you have an agreement that no longer serves you, what would it be?

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