If you suffer from ‘analysis paralysis’, this is for you.

Over-thinking stems from the ego believing its job is to control everything.

But the conscious mind’s only job is liaising between the inner child and the higher self’s guidance.

The conscious mind directs the inner child’s raw power, and tunes it into the higher self’s guidance.

Let The Inner Child Out To Play

Tune in to your inner child with PLAY TIME. Allow yourself some fun with friends or with something creative. There is no goal to this, just have FUN!

Give Space For Your Higher Self To Guide You

Tune in to your higher self with DEEP BREATHING (when you feel the belly rise and fall naturally) + if you’re a bit daring, some MEDITATION. If this is new to you, you can always try a guided meditation (there’s a ton online). With practice, your sense of peace increases.

In both cases, being in the moment is key. One approach is through play and emotions, the other is through meditation (active or passive) and peace. Both approaches will help recentre you and tune in to your other levels of consciousness.

The conscious mind directs the inner child's raw power, and tunes it into the higher self's guidance.

How do you quiet your mind, let the child out to play and listen to your wisdom?

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