As you transfer a payment onto your student loan or mortgage, your heart speeds up.

Is it really still THAT much?!?

You feel guilty for even thinking about leaving your corporate job. You’ve spent (borrowed!) so much money to get here.

It was the safe, practical, smart choice.


But you can’t shake the feeling that you’d be happier, fulfilled even, if you could just follow your bliss…

Perhaps you still…

… fantasize about becoming Nigella Lawson’s sous-chef.

…cherish those summers working at art camp with underprivileged kids.

…see yourself at the aquarium, training dolphins or caring for other creatures.

Your daydream stops short.
Shallow breath.
Cold sweat.

What if… I can’t make next month’s payment?

You suddenly dread failing.

And having to crawl back to a ‘job’ (the word gives you the heebee jeebees), tail between your legs, only to start back at the bottom of the latter…

“What if I F-UP, and end up with NOTHING?”

Nine-to-fivers share this not-so-secret horror of “what if”.

So let me put it to you this way.

When you’re telling your kids and grand-babies stories about your good old days, what will you tell them?

That you lived in a HAZE for 20-30-40 years?

That your boss was a TYRANT and you just took it?

That while all your friends were travelling in South America, you were working OVERTIME for a promotion that never came?

That you ALMOST were the next Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield or Gabrielle Bernstein?


That you met FASCINATING PEOPLE, travelled to UNUSUAL PLACES, experienced ADVENTURES and made your OWN PATH along the way?

It’s not because you’ve invested time and money into a career that you should keep going once you’ve realized you’re lost and unhappy, and your sanity is at stake.

‘What if’ can go take a hike!

You, baby, got places to go.

What adventure will you take on?