Honour student, voted most likely to succeed, college graduate, university scholarship recipient, you’ve got a rock star resume.

Yet, you keep putting off launching your own biz because you get heartburn when you think about being found out…People might see right through you, and know that YOU feel like a fraud.

So you do the only thing you know how to do to deal…

You dive into learning and become the best damn student you’ll ever meet.

You study.
You get certified.
You collect degrees.
You get coaching.
You attend webinars and workshops.
You follow online courses.

And while you had behind the quest for knowledge and skill refinement, you drain your bank account without a working biz to show for it.

I’ve seen it with some of the most brilliant professionals. There’s an underlying need for approval, acceptance, of being legitimized. Sounds familiar?

Guilty As Charged

I’ve been known to collect certifications. I delayed my future in business for YEARS. I had to prove to myself, to others, to doubters and haters, that I was worthy.

I realized what I was doing one day, when my coach asked me:

“Why do you need to take a course, can’t you just do it? Aren’t you already doing it, and a ton other things?”

So here I was, this aware, spiritual person, who’d done a lot of personal work, and who was working in service to others and I was hiding?!?

How freakin’ ironic is that?

How I got over it

I pooled all of my skills, experience, certifications, training and asked myself:

“Doesn’t all of this, make you at least a specialist?
Doesn’t all of this already give you permission?”

I realized I didn’t need to be a seasoned expert to have a place in business. I just needed to be honest about where I was and what I could offer.

After all, perfectionism is just fancy fear.

I then asked myself:

What can I do now, consistently and with confidence?

And I committed to that one thing.

You don’t need to be ‘super #girlboss’, you just need to lead your life from the heart, by example. The only way to do that is to do the best you can at being you, and delivering YOUR genius.

You already have everything you need to succeed inside yourself.

Trust yourself, and shut out the itty bitty shitty committee – they don’t get a vote.

What’s the ONE thing you can DO RIGHT NOW, that you could turn into a biz?