A few years ago, I was a bright-eyed entrepreneur-to-be, still caught in my 9-to-5 but committed to leaving my job. I thought it’d be pretty straightforward; come up with an idea, work hard, put in the time and voilà.

When that approach failed, along with my network marketing biz, I hired a business and marketing coach. After months of toiling, I was broke and I had no results to show for any of it.

I respectfully opted out of my biz coaching, and decided I needed to reexamine my priorities and see where I’d gone wrong.

The Inner Work

Through self-awareness, counselling with Elders, guided journeys, meditation, and a yoga and reiki practice, I discovered my wounds, the agreements they lead me to form, and how those agreements kept me playing small, and feeling defeated and unhappy.

I was astounded to realize the ocean of subconscious beliefs and agreements I’d made that no longer served me.

I cried at the unkindness I’d shown myself over the years.

And it hit me.

I never could have succeeded, in any business, or with any amount of business coaching, no matter how great, without doing this personal work. I needed to become aware of the nuts and bolts, the rusty gears and the monkey wrenches in there, keeping me from reaching my full potential.

No amount of business coaching could have made me a successful entrepeneur; not without me doing the personal work. I needed to be aware of what was holding me back from my full potential. - Bright Star Mercedes


I did it!!!

Now, I’m in biz and can say I’m proud to work with a biz coach, but frankly, I’d gotten here a lot faster (and a lot cheaper!) with help from someone who could have guide me holistically, hold up a mirror for me, provide healing words and practices and holding space for me.

Because I did it on my own, but realized how my life was transformed, I wanted to offer everything I’d received in one convenient format. That’s when I uncovered my own Element; my skills and experience in teaching and sharing ancient wisdom, and my passion for helping people break their chains intersected harmoniously in a holistic mindset practice.

I truly believe in business coaching, and I’m proof that “doing your personal work” first is not a myth; it has a very real impact on your success.

So tell me, do you think you’ve done a thorough mindset audit? What do you think might trip you up?