It’s Sunday dinner with the parents and your leg is fidgeting under the table as you down your second glass of pinot noir.

You dread the moment they’ll ask you:

“How’s the job going? Did you get that promotion?”

You’ve been passed up. Again. 🙁

Ever since, you’ve been seriously considering striking out on your own.

Your partner’s already been giving you side glances, meaning:

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

Your stomach is in knots.

What if I disappoint them?

You’d be giving up your corporate job, your steady salary and prestige.

What if I’m not who they think I am anymore?

Ready for a truth bomb?

You are NOT your job.
Or your title.
Or how much cash you have in the bank.

No “job” can ever define you. Sure, their experiences can shape you, as you allow it to, but it’s just not who you are.

So who ARE you?

You’re a smart, hard working, creative person with a passion project.

You have drive and a resilient nature.

You are the square peg, who says ‘f – the round hole!’

You’ve felt the entrepreneurial calling and now it’s time for you to plan to leap…

The people who love you, and your relationship with them, will evolve with you.

Your loved ones might be worried at first, but when they see how the work of this path lights you up, their tune will change.

How do you plan to come out of the entrepreneur closet?