“Mercedes, I want to leave my job, but I don’t have my ‘genius idea’ yet. So I’m stuck.”

I hear this all. the. time.

No kidding. That’s not specific to you…

But what IS unique to you is your ELEMENT. And it can get you from stuck in a swamp of self-doubt, to swimming with the flow of life.

Often, entrepreneurs launch a biz idea based on ‘market needs’. Then, they end up working upstream like salmons just to survive. (You know you’ve seen those poor buggers work so hard against the current, and wonder, ‘why aren’t they catching a break?’)

Guess why that is?

Because launching a biz solely on market needs, without consideration for your element, will be an upstream struggle the whole way. It won’t feel natural. The effort will always feel strenuous. The rewards will be mediocre.

To thrive, entrepreneurs, have to find their ideal circumstances, which is their element. Imagine that the element is the habitat; it’s where you contribute to the ecosystem, while having all your own needs met and having your own development fostered.

Everyone has at least one element – there’s no exception to this rule. None. You born with skills and interests, and developed a ton more throughout your life. Your element is just the sweet spot where your skills and passions (or interests, or curiosities) live in harmony. Birds chirp. Flowers grow. Sun is shining.

The big fish entrepreneurs are the ones who’ve found their element.

Go on your own quest to finding your element…

Draw up a list of your natural skills and a list of your most important interests (or passions, if you have them) and see which pairing(s) are music to your ears and which are like nails on a chalkboard. What opportunities can you see, whether traditional or creative, from your pairings?

Stay curious, be patient and your element will become obvious to you soon enough… and with it, will your ‘big idea’.

Share your discoveries below!