There’s this terrible ailment plaguing entrepreneurs. It’s wide-spread and debilitating. Read on to see if you’ve got the symptoms! Catch it early, and rock your biz.


Collect degrees?
Sign up for the latest training?
Attend any and all workshops?
Work with a (or several) coach(es)?


Still haven’t launched your biz?
Have started your side hustle, though you haven’t monetized it?
Are stuck in the 9-to-5, hustling just to pay the bills?
Reliving your Groundhog Day nightmare?

You probably have a case of the “entrepreneurial imposter syndrome”.

Don’t fret. It’s very common. Other symptoms include feeling unworthy, feeling inadequate and feeling like a fraud.

It’s also a little catchy, so cover your ears when you hear pseudo ‘expert talk’ about necessary background, essential qualifications and must-follow trends.



-Give yourself a break!

-List your transferable skills and experience

-Remember you don’t need to be something you’re not, or offer a service/product you’re not ready to offer

-Remember you DO have a valuable service/product to offer right now

-Ask yourself, what ONE thing can I do now, reliably and better than the average in the field?



-For the next month, take steps to offer that ONE thing as a service/product

-Take 3 doses of “I’ve got this!” affirmations in the mirror



In the case of over-exposure to ‘other people’s drama + expectations’, call a coach, mentor or accountability partner.

How do you cope with the imposter syndrome?