As we prepare for the Holidays, there’s a lot of hectic energy in the air, in part, because we set so many expectations for ourselves.

We want to host our families, or travel to visit with them. We want to see our friends before the whirlwind that is Christmas in North America. Some of us are shopping for gifts (or making them) or we’re worried about under/over doing things or forgetting someone. We want to have great tasting seasonal food and are struggling with what to cook and what to purchase and where. Some of us are feverishly decorating.

You get the picture.

A fundamental component of happiness (and of simple living!) is learning to go with the flow. Recognizing that decisions that suit us best may change from year to year, or depending on our current life situation, is key to our overall well-being. Tradition is meant to comfort us and give us warm fuzzies, not cause sleepless nights and give us heartburn!

For example, deciding not to decorate, even if it normally makes you cheerful, because you just don’t have enough time to host and visit with friends before leaving to visit family. Or deciding to buy local and/or organic prepared holiday food instead of making it from scratch so that you can spend the time you do have with loved ones.

It’s ok to make decisions that suit us. It’s ok to define what “simple” means to us. And guess what, from one year to the next, that can change!

In the past few weeks, I’ve struggled with acceptance and going with the flow.

Flow of life

I missed having the Christmas tree up at home (and no snow!?!!). The atmosphere wasn’t festive and I found it hard to accept that my own travel plans to see family shifted around. I wanted it just so and well, things changed on me.

Hey, what can you do?

That’s just it… we can’t control everything (nor should we want to). What we can do, however, is learn to go with the flow. We do our (personal) best and accept situations in order to feel happier or to better enable change towards something that’s better for us. In any case, going with the flow of life, whether it’s for a day, a season or a life transition, will always be easier on our hearts and health.

I hope you remember to go with the flow over the Holidays, and in your life, whenever things don’t go as planned… look for the lesson, look for the good, look for your happy.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza…and warmest seasonal greetings to you!