You’re on a patio, sipping a sangria with some friends, and you start to daydream about the freedom you’d have to manage your time if only you were your own boss…

You feel like you’re cheating on your career, imagining this sexy entrepreneur life.

How you’d spend blissful mornings sipping coffee and planning your day. Perhaps doing yoga or going for a run. You’d meet clients at hip bistros. You could work anywhere… And you’d never ask for leave to take a well-earned vacation again.

Your friends call your name. You blush. You spaced out…

Seriously though. There’s no shame. What’s keeping you from this life?

Are you married to your job?

Is your career ruining your dream life?

The Underlying Issue

When I told my parents I was starting a biz (the first time), I was met with a nonchalant “that’s nice” – they thought I’d be running a hobby, I suppose.

The second time (when I was a little wiser), they told me “but, what’s the point of all that education you got, then?”

It hurt, but it also showed me a glaring the mindset issue.

Entrepreneurs-to-be that chose not to pursue this path are often scared off by the ‘fear of losing their investment’.

The truth is, nothing is EVER lost.
(I know you Einstein fans are cheering right now.)

Education (formal or alternative) is an asset, and knowledge is transferable!

So why would studying law, engineering or science be a waste for an entrepreneur?

It’s just not.

Lissa Rankin is an incredibly successful holistic health educator because she combined her previous experience practising medicine to her passion for a holistic approach.

Should you guilt yourself into a career that’ll eat up 40+ years of your life?

(And probably countless commuting hours and more money in transit and a wardrobe…)

Instead of focusing on what you’re leaving behind, what skills, experience, lessons, tools are you bringing with you into business?

What skills and tools carry over into your business?

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