I don’t know if you too can feel upcoming change in your life, but I believe most people can sense when a change so big that it leads to transformation is around the corner.

There are the obvious cues, like graduating from school, or moving to a new place. We can guess that big change will follow such an event. But I’m talking about the energy shift, the change you feel, the one you can intuit from the inside, not perceive from the outside.

For me, an upcoming “external” change is that I’m nearing the completion of my Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and I know this will open new doors for me, introduce me to new people and bring me to places I didn’t expect.

But it’s bigger than that.

Not only is there movement and energy shifts around the world, but there is a rising awareness, which has ripple effects on macro and micro scales. Perhaps you feel the winds of change too?

Beyond the phenomenal growth I’ve experienced while becoming a certified yoga teacher, and the more anchored hatha practice I now cherish, I can also feel much deeper transformation awaits me. Maybe it has to do with my choice to do a business intensive to apply successful entrepreneurship techniques to my own spiritually-based business.

Yet, it still feels like more.

I remember the summer before I left my job (only a year ago in calendar time, but a lifetime ago in lifestyle). I had no idea how I was going to make my move, nor did I know exactly what that move was, but I knew my life situation – my career – was about to change.  A few months later, I left my job to become a self-employed contract worker as I pursued reiki energy work.

Now, I’m getting a similar urge or intuition that another magical transformation is waiting for me. And this time, I’m not as scared. And I’m happy to live it as it happens, rather than nervously try to “figure it out” before its time.

Great transformation can be felt before it arrives, as it follows a significant energy shift. And I’ve decided to embrace it.

Do you notice signs of upcoming shifts in your life? How do you handle upcoming change? How do you see transformation in your life?