Your mind is racing. You’re going through your to-do list (and forgot all about your to-feel list). You’re running late.  You’re worrying about a meeting that went wrong or about an important conversation you’re about to have.

You finally have a few moments to breathe and your body is tense. You feel guilty because you’re slowing down.

Be still.

I know it’s hard; I’m the poster child for busy / productive / efficient. But trust me, try to just be here, right now.


Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath, in through your nose into your belly. Feel it rise. Let it go, feel it fall.

Pay attention to your senses. What are they telling you? Does something smell nice? Do you hear children laughing or a good song?

Listen to your body. How are you, in this moment?


Whatever those answers, everything is fine. You’re ok.

Be Still. Breathe. Right here, right now, you're ok. - Bright Star Mercedes

Be Still.

Try to drop the guilt, get off the hamster wheel and really try to be here, right now. Being still is about making a choice to turn in and listen to ourselves. Do yourself a favour and notice something you enjoy right now. If you can’t feel anything that puts a smile on your face in this moment, then please, go enjoy something (anything!) right now.

Slow down, my friend, because the crazy train will derail if it keeps going faster and faster. You don’t want to be on that train. Step off, jump if you must, but be still.

Turn inward and listen. Be still. How’s it going in there? What do you need?

I need to remind myself that I am enough. Doing more will not make me be more. All the work I do has to bear fruit and be enjoyed. We just celebrated Labour Day, we’ve all worked hard. Go ahead and harvest your efforts in the form of being present, being still.

Do you ever struggle with stillness and if so, how do you accept it? What forms does stillness take for you? What beautiful moments of stillness would you like to share?